Vegas Oldest Casinos That Are Still Functioning

When being online search for Grand Rush casino, but what about being offline? Las Vegas is a city that is constantly changing and evolving. On a regular basis, new casinos, events, and attractions open. Out with the old, in with the new. As a result, several of Vegas’ oldest casinos have closed their doors. They were demolished to make way for more modern casinos. Fortunately, several casinos in Las Vegas have endured the test of time and are among the city’s oldest.

5. Caesars Palace

Jay Sarno founded Caesars Palace in 1966 with the goal of creating an opulent venue that would immerse tourists in the Roman Empire. It is one of the city’s biggest and most well-known landmarks. Caesars Palace’s casino is substantially bigger than most other casinos, with a total floor area of 24,181 square feet (11,536.8 square meters). Caesars Palace has drawn high rollers from all around the world since its inception.

4. Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Even though Planet Hollywood Las Vegas opened in 2000, it is located on the site of the former Aladdin hotel and casino, which dates back to 1962. Originally, the Aladdin was only the Tallyho Hotel, which tried to add a casino in 1963. However, there were several licensing issues, and the hotel’s casino did not operate until Milton Prell purchased it in 1966. The building underwent extensive renovations and was given an Arabian Nights theme.

The Aladdin was demolished to make way for the new Aladdin when it closed in 1997. In 2007, the hotel and casino’s name was changed to Planet Hollywood.

3. Sahara Las Vegas

Although the Sahara Las Vegas casino and hotel debuted almost 67 years ago, they have not been in continuous operation. After being unprofitable, the Sahara was closed and not reopened until 2004. The Sahara’s original Moroccan-themed décor was removed, and the building was fully renovated.

As part of SBE’s SLS hotel network, the hotel and casino was renamed SLS Las Vegas. Following the SLS Las Vegas acquisition by the Meruelo Group, the name was changed back to Sahara Las Vegas. While the new Sahara has a modern appearance, it does include a few nods to the previous Moroccan theme.

2. El Cortez

The El Cortez, which has been open as a hotel and casino since 1941, is Las Vegas’ longest continually operating casino. The El Cortez was the first large resort in downtown Las Vegas, constructed by Marion Hicks and J.C. Grayson. The casino has been in continuous operation for almost 77 years and is one of the few casinos that has never changed its outer façade; even when the signage was modified in 1952, the original ranch-themed design remained.

1. Golden Gate Hotel and Casino

There is some debate over whether the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino is older than the El Cortez, and many people believe it is. This is because the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino opened in 1906, and despite some rumors, the hotel did have a casino for a few years. In 1909, however, gambling became prohibited in Las Vegas, and the Golden Gate halted operations. Golden Gate restarted gambling operations once gambling was reinstated in 1931, making the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino the oldest casino in Las Vegas.