Incredible Places In Vegas That Live Music Lovers Should Visit

The Las Vegas Strip is home to an abundance of live music. There are numerous lounges, bars, restaurants, and street performers along Las Vegas Boulevard that provide enticing entertainment to the strip’s 42 million visitors every year. The vast, state-of-the-art venues host concerts featuring the most prominent pop artists.

When you watch your favorite artists perform live in these venues, you’ll enjoy comfortable chairs, in-seat drinks, and excellent sightlines instead of dancing on the floor. Take a look at the great places in Vegas that live music lovers should visit.

T-Mobile Arena

The T-Mobile Arena is a multi-use indoor arena in Paradise on the Las Vegas Strip. The venue has all of the amenities and trappings for music lovers. The magnificent birds’ eye view of the arena and VIP perks like bottle service and gourmet food should not be missed.

From a concertgoer’s point of view, the sightlines, acoustics, and lighting/pyrotechnics are what you would expect from an excellent show.

Rockhouse Bar at The Venetian Las Vegas

Although the dive-y Rockhouse Bar does not seem at home in the posh and expensive Venetian Hotel and Casino, its patrons are OK with that. The Rockhouse Bar hosts “Full Band Karaoke” every Monday and Thursday, including karaoke, a live band, and karaoke singers.

The band performed LIVE; something different than usual makes concert lovers a fantastic experience.

Gilley’s Saloon

The Gilley’s Saloon specializes in country music, but that doesn’t detract from its reputation as one of the finest live performance venues in Vegas for any musical genre. Enjoy the spirit of saloons from Old West days, mixed with upscale class and the pace of the Las Vegas Strip, spiced up with non-stop country music and plenty of whiskey at Gilley’s.

As well as the regular dressers, the barkeeps extend warm hospitality. You can even bring those city-slicker friends of yours who like Blake Shelton here, as this is the perfect place for the country-curious.

The Chelsea at Center Strip

Featuring 40,000 square feet of concert and event space, The Chelsea is inspired by iconic venues worldwide. The Chelsea has hosted well-known artists over the years. The buzzy restaurant/lounge scenes and Instagram-friendly installations continue to draw in well-traveled, well-heeled tourists and locals.

With on-stage props, a vintage lobby bar, and its quirky aesthetics, The Chelsea is a can’t-miss venue for live music fans.

House of Blues

One of the country’s most renowned live music venues, the House of Blues inside Mandalay Bay uses state-of-the-art sound and lighting technology and is explicitly designed to bring fans and artists together. As you enter the House of Blues, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into a New Orleans version of Las Vegas.

The atmosphere at the House of Blues creates an incomparable experience for visitors.

Final Thoughts

Don’t miss these great places in Vegas that music lovers should visit if planning a Vegas vacation. Concerts in these venues can be an extensive group experience, so be prepared for large crowds and enjoy the immersive experience.