Heading to Macau: Best Places to Visit in the City

Macau is known worldwide for its old-world Sino-European architecture and culture that exists side by side with lavish and modern lifestyle that is propelled by world-class casinos. Also known as Macao, Macau is among the most fascinating tourist destinations in Asia. The function and location of the Island has greatly facilitated many impressive cultural exchanges between the west and the east in various fields, including trade, arts, and science.

Macau is widely known as the Asia’s gaming capital, thanks to its many casinos. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site as well, with at least 20 important historical locations that are well-preserved. Some of the most famous attractions are Largo do Senado and the ruins of St. Paul’s Church.

If you are heading to Macau any time soon, whether for business or as a tourist, or for learning purposes and so on, you definitely want to know what places to visit. Here is a list of some of the best places you should consider visiting.

Venetian Macao Casino

With a vast selection of about 800 gambling tables along with slot machines in their thousands from 4 different themed gaming sections, the Venetian Macau Casino is the world’s biggest casino. This casino sits on a more than 550,000 square feet land. The project, which cost 2.3 US dollars, has 3,000 luxury hotel suites, a retail space that is more than 1 million square feet, entertainment, and huge event venues that can hold more than 90 Boeing 747 jumbo jets. In short, Venetian Macao Casino is simply the biggest building in Asia.

Macau Historic Center of Macau

The Macau Historic Center of Macau is the perfect example of how Asia can beautifully blend with Europe in that Asians and Europeans have lived in harmony and traded with each other for centuries. They still do so even today. In case you didn’t know, Macau was actually a Portuguese settlement. From the mid-16th century, it became a stronghold of Christianity in Asia. Also, through several buildings and gardens found in this place, there is a clear indication of Chinese influence. The culture of Christianity, Chinese influence, and European culture are all linked or connected along the island’s old mosaic pathways, squares, and narrow streets. Walking around and discovering cultural and architectural gems makes up a special kind of appeal to visitors of the Island.

Nam Van Lake Cybernetic Fountain Show

This is the Asia’s largest manmade water fountain. The main cannon, through its 86 water spouts, shoots a spray of water about 800 meters high. It also sports a laser show. Besides, you also don’t have to miss the impressive sight of 288 colored spotlight that shine via falling water. The laser show is usually free to the public.

A-Ma Temple

The oldest and most famous of Macau’s Chinese temples. Built in 1488, this Taoist building was around even before the Portuguese colonization. So, it has a huge historical significance. Macau also got its name from the goddess A-Ma. The temple honors the goddess Mazu, the one believed to give Macau fishermen the blessings.